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Does This Add Value to My Life?

I don’t own many things—but everything I own adds value to my life.

Each of my belongings—my kitchenware, furniture, clothes, car—functions either as a tool or adds positive aesthetic value to my life; that is, as a minimalist, every possession serves a purpose or brings me joy.

Over time, though, situations’ll change—they always do. So I’m forced to ask the same important question over and over and over again: Does this thing add value to my life?

And it’s not just material possessions at which I posit this query: I ask it in regard to relationships, social media, and any other potentially superfluous matters in life.

I constantly ask this question because circumstances constantly change: because something adds value to my life today doesn’t mean it’ll add value to my life tomorrow, so I keep asking and I keep adjusting accordingly.

“Does This Add Value?” is an excerpt from Everything That Remains.