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The Minimalists

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Does Minimalism Make You Complacent?


I was explaining minimalism to a group of people at a dinner one night last month. A guy wearing a post-workday suit-and-tie combo peered at me skeptically when I told him I have no goals, when I told him I have no daily routine, when I told him I have no back-up plan, when I told him I have little concept of time these days, so I often don’t know what time of day it is (or even what day of the week it is).

I could tell he was intrigued, but, because he was caught up in his corporate-controlled life, my life seemed incredibly unrealistic to him. But that’s not his fault—it seemed unrealistic to me two years ago too. Two years ago, my goal-oriented life of “achieving” and working through to-do lists was no different from his.

And then, still in doubt, he posited a question: If you don’t have any goals, then aren’t you just being complacent?

My answer: Yes, if by complacent you mean content. You see, minimalism has helped me become content, it has helped me get rid of life’s excess and be happy with what I have, it has helped me live a more meaningful life. Now thanks to minimalism, I can focus on what’s important, and I don’t have to “achieve” to be happy.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

You can make the journey too. All you have to do is decide it’s right for you and take action.

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