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Fight Malaria with a Podcast Review

The Minimalists are always looking for creative ways to contribute to the world around us. We built an elementary school in 2015, we held a charity event in Orlando for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting last year, and we donated a majority of the profits from our first four Less Is Now Tour stops to help build an orphanage on the United States/Mexico border last month.

And now here’s a new way for you to contribute to charity—and it won’t cost you a penny.

Throughout May 2017, Joshua & Ryan are personally donating $10 to charity for every podcast review we receive on iTunes. We started the month with 2,330 reviews, so every review on top of that means $10 goes to charity.

The charity we’ve chosen this month is one of our favorites: Against Malaria Foundation. According to, AMF is currently the most-effective life-saving nonprofit organization in the world.

What does the Against Malaria Foundation do? Did you know that malaria is one of the leading killers of children in Africa. In fact, malaria has killed more than half the people who have ever lived. Just think about that for a second. More than half the people who have ever lived on earth have died from malaria. To fight against malaria, AMF provides insecticide-treated nets that save lives.

Based on empirical evidence, AMF estimates that it takes $3,500 to save one life. So for every iTunes review, we will donate $10 in your name, which means that together we will save one life for everything 350 reviews this month.

This serves two purposes: (1) We get to contribute to a meaningful cause together, and (2) An increase in iTunes reviews helps our simple-living message reach more ears.

We’d obviously prefer a five-star rating if you find value in our podcast—because five-stars is the most helpful way to spread our message—but we’ll still donate $10 if your review isn’t five stars.

So please take 60 seconds and leave a quick review on iTunes, and we’ll donate $10 in your name this month. Even if you don’t listen directly through iTunes—say you listen on Spotify or Soundcloud or YouTube or Overcast or somewhere else—iTunes is where reviews are the most helpful.

By the way, we got this idea from our friend Lewis Howes—a great guy who runs a compelling podcast called The School of Greatness. Thanks, Lewis!