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Back in the Saddle Again

We’re back, baby!

Last month, before our mysterious disappearance, we asked a simple question on social media: “Which type of podcast episode do you enjoy most: The Minimalists In-Studio or The Minimalists Live?”

It turns out that, while most people enjoy both, 84% prefer our in-studio banter over our recorded live events.


Well, you’ll be happy to hear we’re publishing two new in-studio episodes in January 2018: in addition to our “Newyear” episode we released last week, we’ll release a conversation with Nightline’s Dan Harris later this month. To hear those, you can subscribe to The Minimalists Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or YouTube.

And, since we have a few dozen live recordings in the bank, we’re going to share our three favorites in January 2018: Atlanta with satirist JP Sears, Nashville with musician Griffin House, and Milwaukee with minimalist-traveler Colin Wright. You’re going to love those conversations! Then, it’s back to regular in-studio episodes in February. (Note: We’ll share the remaining unreleased live events on The Minimalists Private Podcast on Patreon.)

Speaking of being back in-studio, we have good news: we found an ideal space in Los Angeles for our podcast-and-film-studio buildout, which should be complete this spring. Until then, we’ll be “in studio” at Matt’s kitchen table. And once we reach 3,000 Patreon supporters, we’ll have enough funds to create a video version of the podcast (like this) and produce other meaningful videos: web series, interviews, documentaries, video essays, and more (of less).