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As a Year Begins: 2012 Recap for The Minimalists

As the pine needles fall off the fake trees, as the last of the eggnog is drunk, as the storefront signage is changed, a new year begins. Christmas was already a week ago, and now you’re preparing to go back to work, school, or your version of regular, post-holiday life.

It’s common for people to resolve to do something major today: the infamous New Year’s Resolution. Unfortunately, many resolutions often fail—not because they’re unreasonable, but usually because we don’t have enough leverage to see our resolutions through for an entire year.

But what if instead of a lofty new goal, you resolve to simply find a new direction? Maybe your new direction will get you to your goal much faster than you think.

2012: A Recap

Last year was a spectacular year for The Minimalists, but not thanks to goals or resolutions. Instead, we knew our direction and started taking incremental actions each day on that route.

In 2012 we toured 43 cities, spreading our message of simple living and dishing out thousands of hugs in the process (check out our tour photos). We moved to a cabin in Montana, met new friends, established new relationships, started a publishing company, raised thousands of dollars for charity, taught 120 online students how to write better, privately mentored dozens of people, spoke at Harvard Business School and several conferences, published four books, wrote more than 100 essays, and were featured all over the media.

None of these achievements were our goals when we started the year, and we present these accomplishments now not to impress you, but rather to illustrate how everything can change in a year if you take action.

Ergo, do likewise, ladies and gents: take massive action in 2013. This year will be a pivotal year for you. We’re certain of it.

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Thank you all for a wonderful year.

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