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Free Local Meetup Groups Brought to You by The Minimalists

Contribution is the gift that keeps on giving. Literally. Hence, The Minimalists have established free Local Meetup Groups in 100 cities in eight countries.

Why? you ask. Well, there are at least two reasons…

First, every time we host an event, people ask how they can find local, open-minded people like the folks who attend our tour stops. Umm, Tinder? Craigslist? The local bar? No, no, and no! Until now, we haven’t had a good answer.

Second, we understand the value of your local community. Having access to social media and blogs is great, but it can never replace those meaningful face-to-face interactions with people who share your same interests, values, and beliefs.

So we spent a year setting up the infrastructure, and now we’re giving the power to you. Enter stage left:, free Local Meetup Groups brought to you by The Minimalists.

Interested? Here’s how it works: Visit, click on your city, which will take you to your city’s Facebook Group, and then click “join group.” Joining is completely free.

Here’s what you’ll find at your local Facebook Group:

1. Community Leader Info. The about section houses the contact info for your city’s Community Leader—the person who manages the page for your Local Meetup Group. The Minimalists personally screen every Community Leader to ensure reliability and quality. (Note: many cities already have Community Leaders, but we’re still looking for people in some cities. Interested? If your city is missing a Community Leader, then you can apply here.)

2. General Questions. This Group is the place to post your questions and discussion topics so other people in your Local Meetup Group can respond.

3. Shared Resources. Post cool articles and relevant links that will add value to other Local Meetup Group members’ lives.

So that’s it. Plain and simple. Enjoy your new community. Feel free to bring a friend. As we spread the word, your Local Meetup Group will grow and transform over time. We’re looking forward to growing with you.

Is your city missing? Sorry, we can’t make it everywhere. You can meet with the people in our Online City.

Questions? Email: