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Playing It by Ear in D.C.

Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all. Wing it. Play it by ear.

We embraced this kind of no-plan planning during our 2012 Minimalism Meetup Tour: we simply picked the 33 cities and dates and found some eager people to help us find meetup locations in each city. So far, this un-plan has worked well.

Until now.

You see, we’ve been attempting to pin down a venue in Washington DC for months. We’ve had scores of outstanding people pitch in an attempt to secure a location. But no dice.

Did we fail? No. If our non-planning has worked for every city so far, yielding a relatively stress-free tour, then why panic when we have one hiccup?

With over 150 RSVPs in DC, we couldn’t find a big enough venue, so we’re creating one. Ultimately, we’re determined to turn this snafu into a more fun, more memorable event.

Plan A. We’ll meet on the bottom left side of the front steps of the Lincoln Memorial (as you’re facing Abe with the reflecting pool behind you).

Plan B. If the weather is bad (rain, snow, tsunami), we’ll meet in the Atrium of Union Station between the elevated bar and the doorway into the mall (near-ish the Godiva Chocolate store).

If you’re in DC and you’re coming to the meetup on Friday May 11, 2012, this will be a true minimalist event, so wear comfy shoes, bring your own gummy bears, and be sure to pack a flexible attitude to accommodate whatever spontaneity arises. It might end up being the most memorable event of the entire tour.

Lesson Learned

Too often, we overplan. But, in reality, we can’t plan for everything; inevitably, something will go wrong sometime. Such is life.

Thus, it’s better to find a direction, start moving, enjoy the journey, and hope for the best. Often, this will lead to a new, unique experience that you never expected. Like, say, meeting with a hundred people to talk about minimalism at Abe Lincoln’s feet.

And no matter what happens, you’ll be OK. We’re certain of it.

Special thanks to Laura Nicholson for thisĀ impromptuĀ idea.