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The Value of Community: Free Local Meetup Groups

Yes, the online world is wonderful, but it cannot replace meaningful face-to-face interactions with people who share your same interests, values, and beliefs. Thus, it is important to surround ourselves with a community of supportive people.

Part of the reason we decided to embark on an eight-country tour in 2014 was to plant free Local Meetup Groups in 100 cities—to leave behind something meaningful that will connect open-minded people locally. We call it:, free Local Meetup Groups brought to you by The Minimalists.

Interested? Visit, click your city, which will take you to your Facebook Group, and then click “join group.” It’s free to join, and here’s what you’ll find in your Group:

Community Leader Info. The about section houses the contact info for your city’s Community Leader—the person who organizes your Local Meetup Group and schedules monthly meetups. The Minimalists personally screen every Community Leader to ensure reliability and quality. (Note: many cities already have Community Leaders, and some groups are already thriving with dozens of members, but we’re still looking for Community Leaders in some cities. Interested? If your city is missing a Community Leader, you can apply here.)

Next Meetup. Pinned to the top of your Facebook Group, you’ll find the location, date, and time of your city’s next meetup. Group sizes vary by city. Local Meetup Groups meet at least once a month, sometimes more frequently. Discuss whatever you’d like at these meetups: health, relationships, careers, personal growth, hobbies, passions, finances—not just decluttering or minimalism (though those topics are fair game, too).

General Questions and Discussions. The Facebook Group is a great place to post questions, discussion topics, interesting articles, and relevant links so other people in your community can weigh in. Feel free to post anything relevant as long as you believe it will genuinely add value to other Local Meetup Group members’ lives.

That’s it. Plain and simple. As we spread the word, your Local Meetup Group will grow and transform over time, so feel free to bring a friend. We’re looking forward to growing with you.

Is your city missing? Sorry, we can’t make it everywhere (yet!). But we will likely add additional cities in the future. Feel free to start your own Local Meetup Group in the meantime at a site like And stay up to date by subscribing to our essays via email (no spam, ever). You can also subscribe to the monthly meetup newsletter.

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