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Keep Travel Simple

Hundreds of people—actually, probably thousands!—of people have asked me about the travel bag I used (pictured above) in our documentary, Minimalism, and in our Pack Like The Minimalists video.

Well, here are a few facts about the bag: it is the same bag I’ve used for six years, it has traveled with me to hundreds of cities, and it is my most useful possession. I finally wrote about the details of the bag itself in an essay, “Keep Travel Simple.” Here’s an excerpt:

When I started traveling more frequently nearly a decade ago, I quickly realized my oversized suitcase would no longer cut it: it was bulky, it was ugly, and it didn’t fit in the overhead bin. Worst of all, because my suitcase was so hulking, I felt compelled to fill it with surplus travel gear: unworn swimming trunks, extra tennis shoes, excess shirts and pants and accoutrements that were never meant to journey with me. Packing had become a chore…

Read the full essay via this link: Keep Travel Simple.