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Meet the Mentors: A New Essay Series from The Minimalists

I am not a life coach. In my experience, most “life coaches” have very little “life experience.” Rather, I am a mentor. I have mentored hundreds of people over the last decade, helping make significant changes in their lives: careers, health, decluttering, and a list of other areas.

Demand for my time has increased drastically this year, though. It’s an honor to be able to serve so many people one on one, but I can take on only so many mentees before my plate overflows (I’m often booked six months in advance). So instead of refusing people in need, I decided to ask for help. I turned to a handful of people who have helped me improve my life and asked them whether they’d be willing to share their unique skill sets with our readers. Thankfully, most of them said yes.

That’s how I assembled our new team of mentors. With seven total team members, ranging from a business advisor to a fitness expert to a dating coach (yes, I have sought out dating advice), this is a well-curated group of the most influential and effective people I know. They have added tremendous value to my world. I believe they can add value to yours, too.

In the coming months, you’ll get a chance to meet these people, one by one, by way of a monthly essay called “Meet the Mentors” here at The Minimalists. It will never contain a sales pitch (because sales pitches suck). Instead, each essay will present practical life lessons: business tips, health and wellness expertise, dating advice, etc. I hope you find value in their lessons. If you’d like to meet them early, you can head over to our mentors page and take a look at their bios.

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