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Community Leader Application

The Minimalists have planted 100 Local Meetup Groups in 100 cities across 8 countries (US, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Ireland, and Australia).

Why? Two reasons.

First—every time we host an event, people ask how they can find local open-minded people like those who attend our tour stops. Until now, we didn’t have a good answer.

Second—we understand the value of your local community. Having access to an online community is great, but it will never replace those meaningful face-to-face interactions with people who share your same interests, values, and beliefs.

So we spent a year setting up the infrastructure, and now we’re giving the power to you. Enter stage left:, free Local Meetup Groups brought to you by The Minimalists.

To find out whether your city needs a Community Leader, visit and click on your city. Then, if your city doesn’t have a Leader, you can apply below.

Community Leaders will be expected to:

  • Organize, find venues for, and attend one meetup each month
  • Guide each meeting’s discussion (this includes selecting initial topics for each meeting, and ensuring the discussion remains focused)
  • Remain aware of, and respond to, the needs of the group and its members (e.g., be prepared to answer any questions received from a group member within 48 hours, both in person and via email)
  • Moderate discussions in your city’s corresponding Facebook group
  • Ensure all members of the discussion group—both at meetups and in the Facebook group—are attentive, kind, and respectful of their fellow group members

We’re looking forward to growing this community together. If you meet the requirements, can hold yourself accountable, will take the position seriously, and are as determined as we are to ensure this community is an enjoyable, value-adding experience for all involved, please apply below.