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The Minimalists
The Minimalists are Emmy-nominated Netflix stars and New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Alongside their podcast cohost, T.K. Coleman, this simple-living trio helps millions of people eliminate clutter and live meaningfully with less. Learn More.

Podcast 446 | Spiritual Clutter

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In this public episode of The Minimalists Podcast, The Minimalists discuss the clutter that is often caused by spirituality, religion, and different ideologies. Listen to the full Maximal episode on The Minimalists Private Podcast.


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Discussed in This Episode

  • Should I declutter some of my accessories that might be cluttering my spiritual practice? 
  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “spirituality”?
  • What are the 10 free minimalist resources from The Minimalists? 
  • Listener tip: an app a day!
  • How do I let go of the pain from the past and still hold on to the lessons I learned from that pain?
  • Should I leave my corporate job if it no longer aligns with my values?
  • How can I have a relationship with my parents if I’m repulsed by their religion?
  • What can we do when our religious beliefs conflict with our values?
  • More About Less: The 5 most popular daily quotes from Waking Up

Minimal Maxims

Joshua, Ryan, and T.K.’s pithy, shareable, less-than-140-character responses. Find more quotes from The Minimalists at

  • If an accessory does not markedly enhance an activity, it is clutter.
  • Consumerism is the ideology that buying more things will make you better.
  • Spirituality is who we are, not what we do.
  • Every ideology comes prepackaged with clutter.
  • Nonsense is always nonsensical, even if it looks good on a bumper sticker. 
  • Pain is helpful until we cling to it.
  • The location of the pain is not the root of the pain.
  • Our values are not expressed by the words we write down, but by the way we spend our lives.
  • Loving someone involves allowing them to suffer.
  • Often the best way to love someone is from a distance.

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