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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentary. The Minimalists have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Forbes, TIME, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC, and NPR.

Way More of Way Less: The Minimalists Are Expanding

This year we are going to build a new podcast and film studio. And since we refuse to clutter our podcast with advertisements, we need your help. So we created a Patreon page.

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that allows people who create stuff—like The Minimalists Podcast—to build their own subscription service, allowing listeners to contribute on a per-episode basis.

We’re asking our listeners to contribute $2 to help us build a studio so we can reach more folks with our simple-living message.

Why Contribute?

Until now, the only way to support The Minimalists was via PayPal donations—which have been great—but Patreon will actually help us improve our podcast by improving audio quality, adding an HD video component, and bringing special guests onto the show.

We don’t take money from advertisers because, let’s face it, most advertisements suck. Can you imagine if we had to start shilling for some underwear or mattress company? Yuck. We wouldn’t feel good about it. We’re not knocking anyone who has ads on their show—it’s just not for us. Plus, being ad-free allows us to record our “Added Value” segment each week without any bias toward a sponsor: when we recommend something, it’s because we truly get value from it, not because someone is lining our pockets.

Because we refuse to have ads, we are turning our back on literally tens of thousands of dollars every month—seriously, it’s an insane number—which is fine because being ad-free aligns with our values, but it also means we need your help so we can do some cool new stuff with our podcast to reach more people.

Cool New Projects

You’ll notice two objectives on our Patreon page:

1. STUDIO! When we reach 2,000 patrons, we will have sufficient funds to build a new podcast studio, which will allow us to take live callers on air, improve overall audio quality, and bring occasional guests on the show. It will also help us pay our producer, Podcast Shawn, who has a wife and three kids, a full-time living wage. Plus, we’ll have the flexibility to test new types of episodes—experimental episodes, shorter episodes, longer episodes, more episodes—while continuing to focus on our high standards of quality.

2. VIDEO! When we reach 3,000 patrons—which sounds like a lot, but is actually less than 1% of our listeners—we will have enough funds to build a film studio and hire a full-time filmmaker to create a video version of our podcast. This film studio will also allow us to create other meaningful videos: web series, television shows, interviews, documentaries, video essays, livestreams, and more.

What Will We Do with Any Extra Funds?

Any extra funds will be donated to charity (not into our individual bank accounts). We are not on Patreon so Joshua & Ryan can make more money. We just want to incorporate some interesting new things into our platform so we can reach more people, and those interesting things require additional funding.

Become a Patron Today

Are you willing to be part of the 1% of our audience who helps us create something meaningful? If so, visit us on Patreon and become a patron today.

You can contribute any amount you want—even a dollar per episode helps. And if you contribute $2 or more per episode, you will have access to an exclusive quarterly livestream, “Ask The Minimalists Anything”: you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with The Minimalists, and you can even watch the video after it airs—which is especially nice if you miss the live broadcast. We’ll also record this livestream as a patron-only podcast, so you can listen to the audio if you prefer.

The Minimalists typically publish one podcast episode per week, and Patreon allows you to set a monthly cap on your contribution so that if we publish more episodes, you won’t be charged more than your threshold.

If you can’t afford to contribute monetarily, you can leave us a review on iTunes. Those reviews help our message reach more ears.

However you support our message, we appreciate you. Thank you for helping us create something meaningful.

Joshua & Ryan