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Resolve to Review

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but there is a new habit I’d like to develop this year: when I enjoy a book, podcast, film, or restaurant, I’m going to do a better job reviewing the creation or experience on Amazon, iTunes, IMDb, or Yelp, respectively.

My reviews add value in two ways: they inform potential customers of a positive experience, and they help the creator or proprietor reach more people. So if I’m willing to take sixty seconds, it’s a win-win for everyone. Because I get value from others’ reviews, it’s appropriate I give back.

On a similar note, if you’d like to see some of The Minimalists’ favorite local experiences, search the hashtag #TheMinimalistsCityFinds on Instagram for photos of our favorite spots in different cities.

And if you find value in The Minimalists’ work, you can review our creations:

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Our documentary (IMDb, Netflix)
Our coffeehouse (Yelp, Google)

P.S. Speaking of reviews, I once again compiled a year-end list for my favorite albums of 2016.

P.P.S. There’s still time to enroll in A Simple Year for 2017.

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