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The Minimalists
The Minimalists are Emmy-nominated Netflix stars and New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Alongside their podcast cohost, T.K. Coleman, this simple-living trio helps millions of people eliminate clutter and live meaningfully with less. Learn More.

Sivers on Simplicity

Derek Sivers embodies simplicity.

You may know him from his popular TED Talks. Or you may know him as the author of Anything You Want. Or you may know him as the founder of CD Baby or from his online public musings or because of his unconventional life.

And if you listen to our podcast, you know Derek’s writing has helped shaped The Minimalists’ worldview over the years. Those unfamiliar with his work should read these short, useful articles:

No “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no.”
Why I gave my company to charity
Why I don’t want stuff
Solitary Socialite

In his first public appearance in three years, Derek Sivers is going to join The Minimalists live on stage at our event in Auckland, New Zealand, on 17 March 2018. We’ll have a conversation about minimalism, advertisements, marketing, creativity, priorities, nomadic lifestyles, parenting, and more.

What an exciting way to end to our Less Is Now Tour! You can get tickets to that event, and our six upcoming Australian events, on our tour page.