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WordTasting Tour 2015 Update: Trailer, New City, Lodging Help

One More City

The Minimalists and a small tribe of authors (and a musician) are hitting the road in May and June for Asymmetrical Press’s first-ever WordTasting Tour. Not just a book reading, not just another event—a meaningful experience.

The Minimalists recently added Denver to our list, which means—of the 32 tour stops—The Minimalists (Joshua, Ryan, or both) will be in these 24 cities. For complete tour details (featuring Colin Wright and others) and a list of the other eight WordTasting cities, visit

Every event is free thanks to our friends at Bluehost, so feel free to bring a friend (or two).

WordTasting Trailer

If you’d like to help spread the word about the tour, please share our tour page, tour poster, or tour trailer (below) on social media. Use the #WordTasting hashtag to share your photos and connect with others, and follow The Minimalists on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates from the road.

Can’t see the above video? Watch it on YouTube.

Lodging Help

The main purpose of the WordTasting Tour is to hit the road to interact with our readers and potential readers. It’s an opportunity to share things we’re passionate about, to see more of the world, and to meet the people who find value in our work. A large number of hugs will be distributed as well.

We’ll stay in hotels in some cities, but our preference is to stay with local hosts. This approach helps us build stronger relationships with a city, and it also helps us cut back on expenses (which are immense for this type of undertaking—particularly since admission is free).

There will be three to five authors and one musician at each tour stop, and we’ll give priority to those who can host us all. We realize that won’t be possible at all stops, and we’d still love to hear from you if you can host only a few of us.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, well, thank you—you’re awesome! Please email Shawn at [email protected] and he’ll work out the details with you.

New Month, Less Clutter

P.S. This is totally unrelated to the tour, but today marks the start of a new month. If you’d like a fun way to simplify your material possessions, consider playing our 30-Day Minimalism Game by yourself or with a friend.

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