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A Bunch of Exciting Updates About the Minimalism Documentary

What a month! We just finished our Minimalism Documentary Tour 2016—bringing Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things to more than a dozen cities across North America—and we were blown away by the response.

Not only did every event fill the rafters, but we saw immense diversity among the crowds: high schoolers and grandmothers, executives and factory workers, stay-at-home dads and single parents. Everyone on every spectrum was represented, and they all shared one thing in common: they’re all striving to live a meaningful life.

You can find some of the photos from our tour on Instagram, and you can listen to a few of the live, post-movie Q&A sessions on our podcast.


With the tour in the rearview, here are some updates about the documentary…

Whoa. We received news from Gathr, the film’s distributor, that, after its first week in theaters, Minimalism is officially the number one documentary of 2016 (the largest U.S. box office opening for an indie documentary so far this year). Yay! Thank you for your eagerness, enthusiasm, and support. And thank you for sharing this film with the people you care about most. With your help, our simple-living message will continue to change many lives. We are grateful.

Canada. The documentary will hit a select number of Canadian theaters on June 8. We recently expanded into larger rooms in many of the theaters that were sold out, as well as many of those that were close to selling out: Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Halifax, et al. Find a map of theaters here.

Australia. We now have a handful of July screenings Down Under. Visit for dates and theaters.

Overseas. While we don’t personally have the ability to distribute the film to theaters worldwide, that doesn’t mean you can’t! If you’d like to host your own private or public screening of the film—be it in a theater, a yoga studio, or your living-room—you can purchase a license from our distributor by emailing [email protected]. Licenses start at $95 (a bit more if you charge for tickets). Shoot them an email, and they’ll get you the details. If you have any issues, email us directly: [email protected]. (Note: a public screening license can be obtained in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, too.)

Online (UPDATED 9/30). Minimalism is now available online on
iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo, and DVD.

United States. And, of course, the U.S. theatrical run isn’t over yet: Minimalism will continue to play in a limited number of theaters throughout the summer. Find your nearest theater, or request a screening in your local theater, at

Soundtrack. Andrew Clifford Capener, the lead singer of one of our favorite bands, Parlor Hawk, teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer, Nate Pyfer, to form a band called VVE (pronounced “we”) to create the score for our documentary. The result was a lush soundscape that deftly brought the emotion of the film to the forefront. Drew and Nate just released the complete, ten-song soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play. Enjoy!

Reviews. Finally, if you’re interested in what other people are saying about the film, you can check out its reviews in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, and Toronto Star. And our friends Jess & Melissa had an hour-long conversation about the film here. You can also search the #MinimalismFilm hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to explore audience reactions.

Exciting times ahead. Thank you for being a part of something special.