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The Minimalists
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Loose Grip

Every time we let go, we build on the momentum we’ve gained from years of jettisoning, decluttering, purging.

At first, the act of eliminating feels difficult—everything seems so precious. Then you realize: if something is too precious, you’re probably holding onto it too tightly.

If you loosen your grip, letting go leaves fewer claw marks. In time, getting rid of a few unworn teeshirts leads to half a closet, a dusty letter opener leads to a clutter-free workspace, an outdated phone charger leads to junkless junk drawers.

Letting go is a beautiful cycle: the more action you take, the more you want to take action. And it all starts with less sentimentality, fewer expectations, and a loose grip.

This essay was published in our side project, Minimalism Life.