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Emmy-nominated Netflix stars, podcasters, and New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus help millions of people live meaningfully with less. The Minimalists have been featured in TIME, GQ, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, and they have spoken at Harvard, Apple, Google.

Podcast 378 | Difficulty Letting Go

In this public episode of The Minimalists Podcast, we talk about why it’s so difficult to let go. Watch all 2.5 hours of episode 378 on The Minimalists Private Podcast.


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Discussed in This Episode

  • What are your perspectives regarding schooling?
  • What do you consider the “joy in searching”?
  • How do we shift the teaching paradigm from transactional to relational?
  • How do we transition from coercion to creativity in education?
  • How do I push myself out of my long-term comfort zones?
  • How do we learn to better trust our intuition?
  • How do I maintain focus and motivation in my pursuits past the thrill of novelty?
  • Why do so many of us fail to recognize and cultivate aptitude?
  • Why do we often confuse excitement for passion?
  • How do I determine whether to purchase durable furnishings I must pay to move or inexpensive furnishings I can leave behind when I live a peripatetic life?
  • How do we appropriately manage the ‘burden of ownership’?
  • How do I determine my ideal career path?
  • What can I do with personalized birthday cards from deceased loved ones?
  • Should I hold on to reference books related to my profession?
  • What is the difference between a “just in case” and “no matter what” mindset?
  • What is most concerning about the desire for nice things?
  • How do we ensure we purchase items with weighted consideration for utility, durability, environmental cost, and fair trade manufacturing?
  • How do you deal with the ‘paradox of choice’?
  • What is the danger in reframing hoarding?
  • Are labels more harmful than helpful?
  • Why are we obsessed with self-improvement?

Minimal Maxims

Joshua, Ryan, and T.K.’s pithy, shareable, less-than-140-character responses. Find more quotes from The Minimalists at

  • Letting go is difficult, but clinging creates more difficulties.
  • Every fear is a fear of the unknown.
  • Passion is not discovered—it’s cultivated.
  • On a long enough timeline, everything is ephemeral.
  • Our memories are not in our things; our memories are inside us.
  • JUST IN CASE are the three most dangerous words in the English language.
  • The question isn’t whether or not you should hold on; the question is: does letting go increase your freedom, peace, and joy?
  • A life is enhanced—not defined—by possessions.
  • Minimalism isn’t about right versus wrong—it’s about right for me versus wrong for me.
  • Enjoying a thing creates wonder; needing a thing creates worry.

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