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Motion Creates Emotion: 3 Simple Ways To Break Your Pattern

It’s difficult to roll out of bed some days.

Sometimes you just don’t feel motivated: You don’t want to create. You don’t want to contribute. You don’t want to do anything.

Sometimes you’d rather sit passively in front of the television and watch the world progress without you.

We know, it happens to us, too. Sometimes we procrastinate or we simply don’t feel like doing something. But then we do three things that allow us to break our pattern and take action. Good news, they’re all pretty easy:

1. Accountability Partners. Together, your two authors, exercise with each other five days a week. It helps to have someone else there to make sure we show up when we need to show up and to make sure we give it a little extra effort each time. Who is your accountability partner? It can be via phone, in person, or even email or text. Get one.

2. Take the First Step. We tend to put things off, especially boring or mundane tasks (doing the dishes, laundry, writing, etc.), but if we take the first step, we get momentum and we are much more likely to complete the task. Sometimes we just need to take that first step—as difficult as that might seem at times—and the rest falls in line.

3. Change Your State. If we don’t feel like getting up or doing anything, we will drastically change our physiology (go for a walk, do push-ups, change our breathing, run as fast as we can for 30 seconds, etc.). Motion creates emotion.

These three things will get you moving in the right direction.