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Resolve to Write More This Year: 5 Important Articles About Writing

For a long time I was an “aspiring” writer. Which means I didn’t write much. Sure, I aspired as hard as I could, and yet my quill produced nary a paragraph. Of course once I got serious, I stopped aspiring and started writing.

Perhaps you, too, aspire too much, write too little. If so, then maybe this is the year to get serious. Here are five articles I’ve written about writing to help inspire that change.

1. How to Improve Your Writing: 3 Tips. The three most important tips I’ve learned about writing over the years.

2. Create Your Masterpiece, a 16-Step Guide. I wrote this essay with my friend Julien Smith, the New York Times–bestselling author of Trust Agents.

3. Making Money as a Writer Is a Curious Thing. In this interview from Micropublisher magazine, I discuss earning a living as a full-time writer.

4. Steal This Blog Post. Thoughts on copyrights in the digital age.

5. How to Publish an Indie Book. A six-part, in-depth essay/podcast series that Colin Wright and I created to help people follow our publishing recipe.

Bonus: 20 Recommendations for Your Blog. Blogging is perhaps the fastest way to improve your writing and gain a readership. These 20 lessons can help you start blogging in a meaningful way. Piece of cake.

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