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The Minimalists
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Reclaim Your Time

One of the main reasons we decided to take this journey was to reclaim our time:

More free time.
More time to focus on what’s important.
More time for other people.
More time for ourselves.
More time to build new relationships.
More time for gratitude.
More time to be healthy.
More time to create.

We wanted our lives back, and to do so we had to get our time back.

Time is the only thing we all share in common: we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Let’s use them wisely.

Today’s action is the easiest of all—take today and spend it in solitude. Use your time for yourself: Create, don’t consume. Be mindful. Get to know yourself.

Reflect on your journey—it wasn’t easy getting here. But also take today and relax: you deserve it.

“Time” is Day 21 of Our 21-Day Journey into Minimalism.