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The Minimalists

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Minimalist Interview: Colin Wright (Video)

Colin Wright

About Colin

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle. Colin is a brander, writer, minimalist, entrepreneur, and world traveler. He is also a networking genius and a hell of a guy.

We’ve met Colin in person a few times over the past year. He’s intelligent and fun and confident and he understands people. In fact, he literally wrote the book on networking for people who don’t like to network.

Colin was kind enough to record a video response to our minimalist interview questions. Enjoy.


1. What is your greatest passion, and how has minimalism helped you pursue this passion?

2. What is your mission in life, and how does minimalism help you achieve this mission?

3. What’s next for you, and how will minimalism play a role for you in the future?

Video Response

About Asymmetrical Press:

Since this interview, we’ve teamed up with Colin to found Asymmetrical Press, a publishing company for the indie at heart. Read more from Colin at his blog, Exile Lifestyle.