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And then let us answer your questions by way of our essays…

Excess Stuff

Having trouble getting rid of stuff? Read these essays: The Short Guide to Getting Rid of Your Crap, 10/10 Material Possessions Theory, Getting Rid of Just-In-Case Items, When Everything Is Your Favorite Thing, What Would Happen If You Just Let Go?, and The Consumption Continuum. And listen to this podcast: Stuff.


Tired of clutter? Read: Packing Party: Unpack a Simpler Life, Decluttering Doesn’t Work Like That, Organizing Is Often Well-Planned Hoarding, Collecting Is Dangerous, What Things Can You Get Rid Of?, and 30-Day Minimalism Game. And listen to this podcast: Declutter.

Sentimental Items

Having trouble getting rid of sentimental items? Read these essays: Letting Go of Sentimental Items, Photo-Scanning Party, Dealing with the Death of a Loved OneThe High Price of Pursuing My Dreams, and I Don’t Love You Anymore. And listen to this podcast: Sentimental.


What about relationships? Read: Letting Go of Shitty Relationships, It’s ComplicatedA Minimalist’s Thoughts on Meaningful Relationships, and The Things We Are Prepared to Walk Away From. And listen to this podcast: Relationships.


Tired of buying and receiving so many stupid gifts? Read these essays: Getting Rid of Gifts, The Blackest of Fridays, and The Commodification of Love, Five Steps Toward a More Meaningful Holiday Season, and 40 Reasons to Avoid Shopping on Black Friday. And listen to this podcast: Giftgiving.

Counting Possessions

Is minimalism just about counting your stuff? (Hint: nope.) Read this essay: I Counted All My Stuff then I Threw Away the List Because I Didn’t Want It to Count as One Item and then take a Tour of Joshua’s Minimalist Apartment. Also: Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, and Love People, Use Things. And listen to this podcast: Consumerism.

Explaining Minimalism

Having trouble explaining minimalism to your friends and family? Read these essays: Minimalism for Families with Children and Minimalist Family: Start With Yourself, followed by Minimalist Family: 12 Useful Links, Minimalism Is Not a Radical Lifestyle, I Was Not a Minimalist, Until I Was, Life Is an Acquired Taste, Gospel of Minimalism, and Take It Simple. And listen to these podcasts: Who Are The Minimalists? and Children.


Sick and tired of your soul-crushing corporate job? Read these three essays: Why I Quit My 6-Figure Corporate Job, Being Laid Off From My 6-Figure Job Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, UnTeachersThe UnAmerican Dream, Life’s Most Dangerous Question: What Do You Do?, and Quitting Is Easy. And listen to this podcast: Career.


Wondering how minimalism can help you with your finances and help solve your money problems? Read these essays: Financial Freedom, Debt-FreeA Minimalist’s Thoughts on MoneyWhat it Feels Like to No Longer Worry About Money, Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Neither Does Poverty, and Money Does Not Buy Better Habits. And listen to this podcast: Money.


Want to stop wasting your time? Thinking about getting rid of your TV or your phone maybe even getting rid of the internet at home? That’s great! Read these essays: Most Emergencies Aren’t, Why I Don’t Own a TV, Killing the Internet at Home Is the Most Productive Thing I’ve Ever Done, Why I’m Getting Rid of My Phone, Reprogramming The Twitch, and How to Check Email Like a Minimalist. And listen to this podcast: Priorities.


What kind of clothes does a minimalist wear? Read these essays: Favorite Clothes of a MinimalistWhat If You Accidentally Spilled Bleach on Half Your Wardrobe?, Fool Price, Logos, Less Clothes, More Routines, and A Rolex Won’t Give You More Time.


Want to clean up your office, desk, or workspace? Read these two essays: My Minimalist Workspace and My Minimalist Desktop. Also: Minimalist Screens: Free Wallpaper for Your Smartphone and Desktop.


Ever thought about living with no goals and just enjoying your life? Read these essays: Living with No Goals, Moving Beyond Goals, When Goals Are Important and When They Are NotWhat is Your Outcome?, and Accomplishments Without Goals.


Having trouble making a hard decision? Read: How to Make a Damn Decision and Right Path, Wrong Path, Left Path, No Path. And listen to this podcast: Education.


Wish you could live in the moment more often? Read these essays: Right Here, Right Now, Fighting the Voice in Your Head, Waking UpBe on The Mountain, and Clear Your Damn Plate. And listen to this podcast: Mentalclutter.


Wish you had more time for yourself? Read: Alone Time5 Ways to Create Solitude, Someday, and Taking Back the Morning.


Feel too busy all the time? Read: Not Busy, Focused and The Details. And listen to this podcast: Focus.


Wish you were in better shape? Wish you exercised more? Wish your diet was better? Wish you were just healthier? Read these essays: A Minimalist’s Thoughts on Diet, Minimalism is Healthy: How I Lost 70 Pounds18-Minute Daily Minimalist Exercises, and 6-Minute On-the-Road Minimalist Workout (with Videos). Also: The Costs and Benefits of Awareness. And listen to this podcast: Health


Having trouble letting go of the past? Read this essay: Your Past Does Not Equal Your FutureLetting Go of Control, and Worthy. And listen to this podcast: Away.


Are you a perfectionist? Read these essays: Nightmares of a Perfectionist and The Pressure We Put on Ourselves. And listen to this podcast: Passion.


Want to know the meaning of life? Read these essays: Ask Not What You Can Get, Ask What You Can GiveGiving Is Living, and Adding Value. Also: Imagine Everything.


Want to know what freedom really means? Read our three-part essay series: Conscious Freedom Essay Series. And listen to this podcast: Debt.

Life Lessons

Want a bunch of life lessons from 30 years of living (complete with a ton of great links)? Read this essay: 30 Life Lessons From 30 Years by Joshua, followed by Ryan’s 30 More Life Lessons From 30 Years. Also worth reading: A Minimalist, a Japanese Cowboy, and an Arrogant American Walk into a Museum. And listen to this podcast: Blame.

Explaining Yourself

Tired of always explaining yourself? Read these essays: You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself, Fake Outrage: Dealing with Criticism, and Preaching to the Congregation. And listen to this podcast: Criticism.


Feel like you’ve tried everything but can’t get results? Read this essay: Stop Trying, followed by The Discomfort Zone. And listen to this podcast: Next.


Want to know who’s holding you back? Read this short essay: Who Is Preventing You from Being Completely and Totally Free? And listen to this podcast: Education.


Want to see 10 links that changed our lives? Read this essay: 10 Life-Changing Links. And listen to this podcast: Documentaries.


Interested in starting your own website or blog? Read: How to Start a Successful Blog Today. And listen to this podcast: Writing.


Once you’re done with all that, check out our TV, radio, and print interviews, as well as our archives page, which contains all the essays on this site. Finally, you can check out some of our favorite websites about minimalism.

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