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Forever Does Not Exist

Forever Does Not Exist

Everything is ephemeral. On a long enough timeline, everything ends.

The relationship you are in now will end. The happiness you will experience tomorrow will end. The depression you feel today will end. Your life will eventually end. Nothing lasts forever, not even those diamonds in the advertisement.

And yet we live our lives like the best things will continue into perpetuity, like the good stuff will stick around and the bad stuff will go away once we obtain everything we want. But, good or bad, life is limited, everything is eventual, the ending is inevitable.

Feel warm and fuzzy yet? No? Well maybe you should. The most important reason to live in the moment is that nothing lasts forever. So why not enjoy the moment while it’s infront of you? Why not be present? Why not accept life for what it is: a finite span of time with infinite possibilities.

Why not treat your friends with utter respect? Why not treat your lover to your full attention? Why not treat today like it matters? You can do so if you live in the moment.

We needn’t wait until a special occasion to show the people in our lives that we love them. We simply need to say the words and show it in our actions. We can do so today—not on their birthday or Christmas or next week—we can do it today.

One of the best ways we’ve discovered to live in the moment is to clear your plate. Give it a shot—for a day, a week, a month, forever (or until your forever ends).

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