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The Minimalists
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Favorite Clothes of a Minimalist

“Look at all those fancy clothes,
but these gonna keep us warm just like those.”

—Jack Johnson

What does a minimalist wear? I’m surprised I get this question as often as I do—as if people expect to see me walking around in a loincloth—but, given the many misconceptions surrounding minimalism, it’s a valid question.

Simply, a minimalist wears their favorite clothes every day. Most days I wear jeans, a teeshirt, and a pair of boots. Or, when I feel like it, I wear a crisp white button-up shirt, jeans, a blazer, colorful socks, and a clean pair of dress shoes. (I avoid logos because I refuse to be a walking billboard.)

I don’t have many clothes now, and I still go to the Goodwill a few times a month to donate an item or two (if I’m not wearing it anymore, it gets donated), but I thoroughly enjoy the clothes I own.

I don’t, however, give sentimental meaning to my clothes. If all my clothes burned in a house fire tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me.

“What about those shoes you’re in today?
They’ll do no good on the bridges you burnt along the way.”

—Jack Johnson

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