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What Is Your Mission?

Mission, Photo by Adam Dressler

You were not meant to do any one thing for the rest of your life.

And yet this idea of birthright passion is promulgated throughout our society, throughout the Internet in particular, as if each person has a preordained vocation that he or she must pursue, as if evolution or natural selection or whatever has spent thousands of years plotting and transmogrifying so that you can be a writer or a yoga teacher or an astronaut.

But life doesn’t contain these kinds of absolutes. No one has a predetermined destiny; no one has a singular preexisting passion that is waiting to be uncovered. Truth be told, there are dozens—even hundreds—of things you can do with your life—work you can be happy and passionate about. Hence, ‘follow your passion’ is crappy advice.

What’s important to consider, then, is this question: What is my mission? 

You see, many of us go through life working a job or, worse, a career. We become accustomed to a particular lifestyle, a lifestyle that involves too much spending and personal debt and consumer purchases—our own personalized version of the American Dream. Then we get stuck on the corporate ladder, and before we know it we’re too high up to climb back down, so high up that even looking down is a terrifying proposition. So we keep soldiering forward, onward and upward, without ever asking the important questions.

That’s not to say that there’s anything inherently wrong with working a job; we all have to keep the lights on. But when we travel too far from living a deliberate life—when we stop asking meaningful questions—we stop feeling fulfilled.

Like your passion, your mission is not preexisting. And it’s not always easy to find or pursue. But when you find something—anything—you’re passionate about and you make it your life’s mission, you will find great joy and rewards in the work you do. Otherwise you’re just earning a paycheck.

There’s an entire chapter dedicated to finding your mission in our book, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life.