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The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff for 4 million readers. As featured on: ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, TODAY, NPR, TIME, Forbes, The Atlantic, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and National Post. They live in Missoula, Montana.

The Definition of Success


Success without happiness is failure.

—Anthony Robbins

For us, success is a simple equation:

Happiness + Constant Improvement + Contribution = Success

That’s the only kind of success we know of. If we’re not happy, then we’re not successful. We weren’t successful when we had corporate careers and fancy things that our culture told us made us successful. We weren’t successful because we weren’t satisfied with that life, we weren’t happy with that life.

Thus, success is comprised of three things: being happy with what you’re doing, constantly growing as an individual, and contributing to other people in meaningful ways. If these three things are present, then you’re successful.