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The Minimalists
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Day 18 | Home

Today is another day in which Ryan has a few divergent options, now regarding his home:

Sell the House. Or, rather, list his house for sale today.

Keep the House. What? I can be a minimalist and still own a house? Of course. Our friend, Joshua Becker, and his minimalist family own a home in Phoenix. Many other minimalists do, too.

No matter what you choose, the secret is to be prepared to sell your house if you need to. We needn’t be attached to our home: it’s just a bunch of wood and stone and wires—it should not be a permanent fixture that defines you.

Your home may contain pieces of you—your character, your artistic traits, your aesthetic preferences—but it should not define you as an individual; rather, you should define your living space. And the less stuff you have inside your home, the less you will be attached to it—and the more you can enjoy your life.

Ryan has decided to list his condo for sale immediately because it is too large, too expensive, and no longer suits his lifestyle or personal goals.

If you don’t own a home, then today is an easy day for you. Or so you thought…

Perhaps you should consider moving into a smaller apartment to save some money: you probably don’t need that extra bedroom or living room—especially after getting rid of your unused furniture. (Related: Joshua’s Minimalist Apartment.)

If you feel stressed regarding your living situation, then it’s probably time for you to lose your attachment to your home: it’s weighing you down, and you don’t need to continue experiencing that feeling. Whether you own a home or live in apartment—wherever you live, that is home.

“Home” is Day 18 of Our 21-Day Journey into Minimalism. Move on to Day 19. Read Ryan’s journal entries from this entire journey in Everything That Remains.