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The Minimalists
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You Cannot Fix Anything

We spend our days striving to remedy our problems.
Every day, we scramble to “fix” our relationships,
our anxiety, our discontent, our dissatisfaction.

When we encounter money problems,
we “fix” them with budgeting tools.

When we run into career problems,
we “fix” them by switching out our corporate overlord.

When we experience health problems,
we “fix” them by easing the symptoms with painkillers.

But these remedies don’t work.
Because they don’t “fix” anything.


Because there is no “fix”—
no newfound permanence.
There is only change.

As soon as something is “fixed,”
the world will change,
and it will become un-fixed,
exposing the truth:
it was never “fixed” in the first place.

Even with a precise budget,
our money problems persist.

Even with a new boss,
our career problems remain.

Even with a strong elixir,
our health problems endure.

Real change is intrinsic.
External factors are incidental.

If we have a problem,
it is useless to try to fix it.
We must understand the problem
if we seek to eliminate it.