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The Minimalists
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How Much Is Enough?

How much is enough?

Without asking this question, we blindly pursue excess.
We have been acculturated to act rapaciously.
Acquire, consume, indulge. More, more, more.

How much is enough?

Without an answer, we don’t know how to proceed.
Because we don’t know when to stop.
Mindless desire takes us by the hand.

Of course, enough is different for each of us.
Enough changes as our needs and circumstances change.

Your enough may include a sofa, coffee table, and TV.
A dining table that seats six.
A three-bedroom home.
A two-car garage.
A backyard trampoline.
Or that might be too much.

Enough changes over time.
Yesterday’s enough may be too much today.

How much is enough?

Less than enough is depriving.
More than enough is indulging.
Enough is the sweet spot in the middle,
the place where intentionality intersects with contentment,
where lust doesn’t get in the way of creating something meaningful.