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The Best Writing Tips on Instagram

We are all writers now. Whether you write books or text messages, Instagram posts or to-do lists, you are a writer.

Hello. Professor Millburn here. Throughout my twenties, I struggled to get my writing published. For years everyone said “no”—publishers, agents, and editors all slammed the digital door in my face.


After creating this blog in 2010, I began adding value to thousands—and eventually millions—of readers. That’s when everything fell into place, and I learned a lot about being a writer. Over the last decade, I’ve published four books, embarked on ten book tours, and climbed the charts as a New York Times–bestselling author. I was even nominated for an Emmy recently.

I tell you about these accomplishments not to boast, but to show you that it’s possible. If a person like me, with no formal education or credentials, can “make it,” you can, too.

I’ll show you how.

Early on, as my work began reaching more people, I received myriad messages asking for writing tips. How do I become a published writer? How do I expand my vocabulary? What are the best books to learn about grammar and sentence structure? How do I make my writing more powerful, beautiful, concise? How do I captivate people with the written word?

These queries formed the foundation for my online writing class, How to Write Better. Since 2011, it has given me a chance to teach hundreds of students, ahem, how to write better.

Now I’m sharing many of my best writing tips for free on the brand-new How to Write Better Instagram account. Follow along for bite-sized morsels that will improve your writing today. (DM me if you have any writing tips of your own.)


P.S. I’m teaching a two-hour Writing Questions Workshop on May 29, limited to the first 150 virtual seats (testimonials).