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The Minimalists The Minimalists
Emmy-nominated Netflix stars, podcasters, and New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus help millions of people live meaningfully with less. The Minimalists have been featured in TIME, GQ, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, and they have spoken at Harvard, Apple, Google.

A Month of Minimalism

Throughout October 2015, we shared one practical minimalism tip each day on Instagram. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive: between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, more than 100,000 people shared, liked, and commented on these photos.

It’s not too late to join the conversation: collected below are all 31 days, including daily photos that give you, the reader, a peek into The Minimalists’ homes and personal lives. We encourage you to share and comment and, most important, apply these tips to your own life this month.


Day 1: If your destination is happiness, consumerism is not a through street.

Day 2: Every possession should serve a purpose or bring joy to your life.

Day 3: Experience a calmer kitchen by stowing inactive appliances in cabinets and drawers.

Day 4: Start your day with one small victory: make your bed.

Day 5: Establish a simple morning ritual.

Day 6: Enjoy your clothes more by paring down your wardrobe.

Day 7: Get that damn TV out of your bedroom!

Day 8: Make letting go easy for your entire household—place a donation box in a closet or garage.

Day 9: Slow the fuck down.

Day 10: Reuse, recycle, relocate: instead of trashing your unused clothes, furniture, and household items, find them a new home—donate your excess stuff!

Day 11: Eliminate paper clutter and organize old photos by throwing a Scanning Party.

Day 12: Make decluttering more fun and endurable with an Accountability Partner.

Day 13: The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it.

Day 14: The price of our material possessions extends well beyond the price tag.

Day 15: Let go of just-in-case items with our 20/20 Rule.

Day 16: Let go of sentimental items that no longer bring you joy.

Day 17: A clutterfree vehicle helps us focus on the road ahead.

Day 18: Let’s use our technology more intentionally—as tools rather than pacifiers.

Day 19: Digital clutter is different from physical clutter.

Day 20: We don’t need to own a thing to enjoy it.

Day 21: A clean desk is the foundation of a calm workspace.

Day 22: Avoid Sale Price (Fool’s Price).

Day 23: Gift experiences, not stuff.

Day 24: Embrace the junk drawer.

Day 25: Simplicity is for (almost) anyone, not just a narrow group of ascetics or monks.

Day 26: A life with less is an inherently tidy life.

Day 27: A simple life is a healthier life.

Day 28: Unfilled space is fulfilling.

Day 29: More is less: the more stuff we have, the less we have.

Day 30: Declutter your social media feeds.

Day 31: Once you’ve simplified, keep simplifying.