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The Minimalists
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Clear Your Damn Plate

I don’t own much, but I have a lot to live for.

And so do you—but you know this already.

Paring down my possessions over the past few years has afforded me more time, more freedomand less stress.

That’s why I’m trying a new experiment next month: I’m going to clear my damn plate (a phrase my mother deployed with vigor) and focus on one thing at a time—I will place only one thing on my empty plate at a time.

There is no physical clutter in my life, but I still get stressed at times—by self-imposed deadlines, by other people’s expectations, by my own standards of supposed accomplishment, by constant interruptions.

But I am in control, just as you are—we must remember that. This is my life, I am in charge, and I have the freedom to do what I want.

So next month I’ll clear my plate, and I’ll do only one thing at a time—all the time. I won’t take my computer with me when I want to read a book, exercise, or visit a friend. I won’t check my phone when I’m eating a meal with someone. I won’t browse email while brushing my teeth.

I’ll be in the moment: If I’m on Twitter, I’ll give my full attention to Twitter. If I’m reading a book, I’ll read a book. If I’m writing, I’ll write. If I’m interacting with friends, I’ll interact with friends. I’ll stay focused on the current activity, and I’ll allow no interruptions.

I will live my life one moment at a time.

The moments of our lives merit our full attention: let’s give our lives the consideration they deserve, and let’s start living more meaningful lives—lives we love.

Care to join me? Want to clear your damn plate for a month?

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