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Screenless Saturdays

The rhythm of life is not unlike a heartbeat. When everything is running smoothly, a balanced existence oscillates from productive to phlegmatic.

These days, however, with our tweets and likes and mentions and comments and posts and and and … it’s difficult to find a healthy tempo.

Don’t relax.

Our steady sine wave has collapsed into a fallow flatline. Go, go, go. Never stop never stopping.

But what if we need to stop? A heartbeat is a heartbeat precisely because it stops before it beats again.

A meaningful life is no different. So, The Minimalists are experimenting with intermittent stopping. We’re calling it “Screenless Saturdays,” and you’re welcome to join us.

You might call it a techno sabbatical, a digital detox, or a social-media diet, or you might simply think of it as a break, a breather, a repose from the frenzied world around you. Whatever you call it, there are at least three ways to experiment with Screenless Saturdays:

Social-Media Fast. Avoid all social media all day Saturday.

Digital Downtime. Avoid your computer screens, too.

Truly Screenless. Avoid all glowing screens. Yes, even your phone.

Which choice would provide the ideal respite? That’s the path worth walking.

Whichever path you choose, take three minutes before you go to bed on Saturday to jot down the ways in which you enjoyed the day differently without the pall of the digital world dulling your neurons.

How did you spend your day?
How was it different?
How did you feel?

Tell us about your experience on Twitter. Just don’t ping us on a Saturday—we won’t be around to see it.

Infographic: Screenless Saturdays

Screenless Saturdays
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