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The Minimalists
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Just Do Something

The iconic Nike slogan “Just Do It” is famous for a reason—like any helpful maxim, it’s pithy, instructive, and simple.

But what if you don’t know what “it” is?

We’re often encouraged to follow our passion, to do what we love, to “get things done.”

The trouble with these truisms is they presuppose an off-the-rack product. But it’s doubtful your future pursuits are already fully assembled, just waiting to be discovered.

If your passion isn’t readymade, you must make it.
Because you’re unlikely to find it.

The more helpful advice is: Just Do Something.

Do something that aligns with:
Your values, beliefs, and community.
Your interests, talents, and curiosity.

Every comedian had to tell their first joke.
Every musician had to play their first chord.
Every all-star had to take their first shot.

Your next diversion may not be your lifelong hobbyhorse. That’s okay. If it’s not, then just do something else. Again and again. Everything meaningful resides on the other side of the drudgery.