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Day 13: Sell

Sell Your Stuff

Sell Your Stuff

So, did you do it? Did you take out the trash and donate your stuff?

Then you should have only a handful of items left. Items you can sell.

Today is easy, but it takes some time. Let’s keep it simple. We found that when selling our stuff, there are basically four sources at which you can quickly sell your stuff (and move on with your life):

  1. eBay
  2. Craigslist
  3. Friends
  4. Local shops

The first two are obviously online sources, and there’s a 99% chance that you’ve been to both sites and that you understand both sites thoroughly. They both make it fairly easy to sell your stuff. We won’t bother you with the details, they are available on those respective sites.

Basically you should sell on eBay (there’s a small fee for selling there) if you want to mail whatever you’re selling, and you should sell on Craigslist (which is free, by the way) if you have something large that you want to sell to someone local who can pick up the item.

You can always sell stuff to your friends, but we generally don’t recommend it for several reasons, most notable is the fact that you want to help your friends avoid the consumerism trap that you are escaping.

Also, if you just want to unload some stuff very quickly (but most likely for less money) then you can take your stuff to a local shop that purchases used items (e.g., we have a place called Half Priced Books in Ohio that purchases used books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and video games). These places often don’t pay as much, but they are a great way to offload a lot of stuff at once and get a little cash in the process.

Joshua recently sold all of his DVDs and CDs and a ton of books for $183 at Half Priced books.

Alright. Chop, chop. Start selling. You can get it all done today.

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