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The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff for 2 million readers. They live in Montana by way of Dayton, Ohio. As featured on: CBS, BBC, NPR, USA Today, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and Toronto Star.

Praise for The Minimalists

The Minimalists, photo by Adam Dressler

“Like Henry David Thoreau, but with Wi-Fi.”
Boston Globe

Paring down, branching out.
-Chicago Tribune

“A better life, by having fewer possessions.”
Seattle Times

“Minimalism has brought happiness to [these] two former executives.”
Vancouver Sun 

“They just might give you a hug.”
Dayton Daily News

“Regaining control by limiting consumption and living more meaningful lives.”

“The best way to find happiness is to get rid of almost everything.”
CBS This Morning

“Perhaps it’s a good time to sit back and look at how we can all live with less.”
USA Today

“Less has become so much more … Let’s call it minimalism+.”
Elle Canada

“Minimalists make the most of living with very little.”
Chicago Sun-Times 

“The path to a richer, if less cluttered, life.”
Globe & Mail

“Frugality so satisfying.”
Wall Street Journal

“Passionate about helping people.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Minimalists maximize lives by letting go selectively.”
Austin American-Statesman

“Two former corporate professionals who willingly walked away from handsome salaries and material-laden lifestyles at the end of their 20s, to live ‘a meaningful life’ with less stuff.”
Business Insider

“Meet Generation M.”
Toronto Star

“By getting rid of everything they don’t need, [The Minimalists] concentrate on the things in life that are truly important to them.”

“Free up more time for your family and ultimately simplify your life.”
Colorado Parent Magazine

“Living a better life…with less stuff.”
National Post

“Eliminating the unnecessary stuff that clutters the mind and controls life.”

“How to have it all, with less.”
Huffington Post

“Less is more, even during the holidays.”
San Francisco Examiner

“Helping us end our obsession with stuff.”
LA Weekly

“A more uncluttered existence.”
Orlando Sentinel

“Their message might make it easier to find yourself.”
ABC Action News

“Paring down opens up a clearer path to more time, more financial stability, and a more ‘intentional’ existence.”
Tampa Bay Times

“Some serious wisdom about living a happier life.”
Miami New Times

“The joy of living with less.”

“Minimalism brings maximum satisfaction.”
The Oklahoman

“Learn a thing or two from The Minimalists.”
Village Voice

“Preaching the gospel of simplicity.”
New Orleans Advocate

“[The Minimalists] inspire readers to take stock of their earthly possessions and question what is truly necessary to live a good life.”
Library Journal

“Pursuing the things about which they are passionate, rather than simply accumulating things.”
Tulsa World

“The most important things are free.”
Birmingham News

“Sometimes, retail therapy isn’t all that therapeutic.”
Miami Herald

“Minimalism doesn’t have to be dramatic or life altering.”

“Duo preaches the gospel of less.”
Las Vegas Weekly

“Being a minimalist means getting rid of your crap but gaining so much more.”

“Live with less to make room in your life for more of whatever matters most.”
Dallas Morning News

“An emphasis on the things that offer greater meaning.”
Houston Chronicle

“[The Minimalists] offer lessons on things like solitude, volunteerism, the importance of community and other aspects of a more meaningful life.”
Houston Press

“Own less stuff to enjoy more life.”
San Antonio Express-News

“It’s important to know what you value in your life and make them the priority.”
Los Angeles Daily News

“Letting go of things that get in the way of happiness.”
Arizona Republic

“Less money + less stuff = more meaning.”
Salt Lake Magazine

“Millburn and Nicodemus seem to have struck a chord in a world consumed by consumerism.”
San Jose Mercury News

“A recipe to living more deliberately.”
SF Weekly

“Find more contentment.”
Salt Lake Tribune

“Minimalists offer a meaningful message.”
Des Moines Register

“Two corporate hotshots with six-figure salaries and all the trapping of success decided to jettison most of what they own and seek out a simpler life.”
Omaha World-Herald