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The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff for 2 million readers. They live in Montana by way of Dayton, Ohio. As featured on: CBS, BBC, NPR, USA Today, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and Toronto Star.

The Minimalists Tour Dates

The Minimalists, photo by Adam Dressler

Everything That Remains Tour 2014

UPDATE: More than 55,000 RSVPs so far. Thanks!

Throughout 2014, The Minimalists will embark on a 100-city tour across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, & Australia to share their story of living with less and celebrate their new book, Everything That Remains.

At age 30, Joshua and Ryan left their six-figure corporate careers, got rid of most of their material possessions, and began living more deliberately. Come listen to them speak about their journey into the simple life, followed by a short reading from their new book, a brief Q&A session, and an optional book signing and photos. Each event is 90 minutes.

Admission is free. So are the hugs. Click the link next to your city below to reserve your tickets. You are also welcome to pick up a copy of the new book, but you certainly aren’t required to. (Note: although tickets are free, some cities will have a limited number, so it’s best to get yours now.)

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2014 Tour Dates

—United States 2014—

January 24 — Tampa, FL (free tickets)

January 27 — Miami, FL (free tickets)

January 30 — Orlando, FL (free tickets)

February 1 — Jacksonville, FL (free tickets)

February 5 — New Orleans, LA (free tickets)

February 8 — Jackson, MS (free tickets)

February 11 — Birmingham, AL (free tickets)

February 15 — Atlanta, GA (free tickets)

February 17 — Knoxville, TN (free tickets)

February 20 — Nashville, TN (free tickets)

February 21 — Memphis, TN (free tickets)

February 23 — Little Rock, AR (free tickets)

February 25 — Tulsa, OK (free tickets)

February 26 — Oklahoma City, OK (free tickets)

March 1 — Dallas, TX (free tickets)

March 4 — Houston, TX (free tickets)

March 7 — San Antonio, TX (free tickets)

March 9 — Austin, TX (free tickets)

March 13 — Albuquerque, NM (free tickets)

March 18 — Phoenix, AZ (free tickets)

March 20 — Tucson, AZ (free tickets)

March 22 — Las Vegas, NV (free tickets)

March 25 — San Diego, CA (free tickets)

March 28 — Los Angeles, CA (free tickets)

March 31 — San Jose, CA (free tickets)

April 2 — San Francisco, CA (free tickets)

April 6 — Sacramento, CA (free tickets)

April 9 — Portland, OR (free tickets)

April 12 — Boise, ID (free tickets)

April 15 — Salt Lake City, UT (free tickets)

April 18 — Denver, CO (free tickets)

April 21 — Omaha, NE (free tickets)

April 22 — Des Moines, IA (free tickets)

April 23 — Kansas City, MO (free tickets)

April 25 — St. Louis, MO (free tickets)

April 27 — Louisville, KY (free tickets)

April 29 — Indianapolis, IN (free tickets)

May 2 — Cincinnati, OH (free tickets)

May 4 — Dayton, OH (free tickets)

May 8 — Columbus, OH (free tickets)

May 12 — Pittsburgh, PA (free tickets)

May 14 — Charlotte, NC (free tickets)

May 15 — Greenville, SC (free tickets)

May 17 — Columbia, SC (free tickets)

May 18 — Charleston, SC (free tickets)

May 19 — Raleigh, NC (free tickets)

May 20 — Richmond, VA (free tickets)

May 21 — Virginia Beach, VA (free tickets)

May 27 — Washington, DC (free tickets)

May 28 — Baltimore, MD (free tickets)

June 1 — Fargo, ND (free tickets)

June 3 — Philadelphia, PA (free tickets)

June 5 — New York City, NY (free tickets)

June 7 — Hartford, CT (free tickets)

June 8 — Providence, RI (free tickets)

June 11 — Boston, MA (free tickets)

June 13 — Portland, ME (free tickets)

July 3 — Buffalo, NY (free tickets)

July 3 — Rochester, NY (free tickets)

July 7 — Cleveland, OH (free tickets)

July 9 — Ann Arbor, MI (free tickets)

July 10 — Grand Rapids, MI (free tickets)

July 14 — Chicago, IL (free tickets)

July 16 — Milwaukee, WI (free tickets)

July 18 — Madison, WI (free tickets)

July 20 — Minneapolis, MN (free tickets)

August 4 — Seattle, WA (free tickets)

August 6 — Spokane, WA (free tickets)

August 11 — Missoula, MT (free tickets)

—Canada 2014—

June 19 — Halifax, NS (free tickets)

June 25 — Montreal, QC (free tickets)

June 26 — Ottawa, ON (free tickets)

June 30 — Toronto, ON (free tickets)

July 2 — London, ON (free tickets)

July 2 — Hamilton, ON (free tickets)

July 22 — Winnipeg, MB (free tickets)

July 24 — Regina, SK (free tickets)

July 26 — Saskatoon, SK (free tickets)

July 28 — Edmonton, AB (free tickets)

July 30 — Calgary, AB (free tickets)

August 1 — Vancouver, BC (free tickets)

—UK & Ireland 2014—

October 9 — London (free tickets)

October 11 — Southampton (free tickets)

October 13 — Bristol (free tickets)

October 15 — Cardiff (free tickets)

October 17 — Birmingham (free tickets)

October 19 — Manchester (free tickets)

October 21 — Leeds (free tickets)

October 23 — Newcastle (free tickets)

October 25 — Edinburgh (free tickets)

October 27 — Glasgow (free tickets)

October 29 — Belfast (free tickets)

October 31 — Dublin (free tickets)

—Australia 2014—

November 4 — Brisbane (free tickets)

November 6 — Gold Coast (free tickets)

November 9 — Sydney (free tickets)

November 12 — Melbourne (free tickets)

November 15 — Adelaide (free tickets)

November 19 — Perth (free tickets)


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