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The Minimalists
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Buy a Brick for Christmas

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, The Minimalists always recommend gifting thoughtful consumables, experiences, and charitable donations instead of gift cards, neckties, and fruitcake. So, if your friends and family already have everything they need, would you consider buying them a brick this Christmas?

What? A brick?
Yes—a brick!

The Minimalists are helping Gem City Market build a not-for-profit grocery store in our hometown, Dayton, Ohio, which has one of the largest food deserts in the United States. Because Dayton is America’s second “hungriest” city, thousands of families don’t have access to what many of us take for granted every day: healthy food.

But we can change that—one brick at a time.

The average brick for this project costs one dollar (including labor), so every dollar you donate will effectively buy one brick and get us closer to our $100,000 goal. Since we have full faith in this project, The Minimalists are buying 25,000 bricks ourselves, and we need your help to raise the remaining funds by the end of the year.

If you want to help, visit the donation page and “buy a brick”—or several bricks—for everyone on your Christmas list (the more bricks you buy for your family, the more families we’ll be able to feed for years to come). You can even add each of their names via the donation box. Then, print out the donation receipt, wrap it in a festive envelope, and give it to them on Christmas.

Thank you for your support! There’s nothing more fulfilling than the gift of contribution.