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How to Write Better: General Writing Class

Enrollment Closed

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“I’ve taken other writing classes and this one was by far the most helpful and most practical. My writing improved dramatically over the last month.”

—James Gummer, How to Write Better graduate

Discover your own authentic writing style. Master the rules so you can break them successfully. Find the confidence to share your writing, and add value to people’s lives.

Hello. Professor Millburn here.

Here’s something I know for sure: You can learn how to write better and add massive value to people’s lives—even if you’re not a “natural” writer.

I know from direct experience. I’ve loved writing all my life, but at age 30, I was still an unpublished author struggling with the basics. Now, of course, things are a little different. I’ve published 5 bestselling books and built an audience of over 4 million readers.

How did I do it? A little bit of luck and a lot of practice. Thankfully, I wasn’t burdened by the traditional education system, so I didn’t have to spend years in the classroom to learn how to write.

The best part? Neither do you.

You can:

  • Discover your own authentic style and voice.
  • Build a daily writing habit, and stick to it.
  • Learn the rules of grammar and composition—and then break them.
  • Find the confidence to share your writing with the world.
  • Connect directly to readers and build your own audience.
  • Open yourself to new opportunities, including getting paid to write.

And I can help you.

For the past few years, I’ve taught hundreds of students how to write better. My students range from novices to experts, students to PhDs, bloggers to businessmen, fiction authors to CEOs—and all of them have found tremendous value in my online class.

It doesn’t matter if you want to improve your blogging skills, write beautiful prose, send more powerful business emails, or write your first book. My four-week class is an unconventional, intimate approach to understanding the principles of beautiful, interesting, influential writing.

I’ll work with you to show you how to connect with your inner author. At the end of our four weeks together, you’ll have the knowledge, confidence, and skills to write better and share your work with the world.

“I was afraid to sign up for this class because I was afraid to see how I stacked up against my own expectations. I have a desire to write, but I hadn’t done anything about it. I didn’t feel like I had enough courage, free time, education, or capacity. Joshua did an excellent job providing information, tools, advice, and homework that helped me discover that there are no ideal conditions and what matters is that I take action to start somewhere; a valuable lesson to integrate into all aspects of my life.

This class is inspirational because it is taught by someone who walks the talk. He has been in the beginning and admits that there is no end. For me, an online class is the perfect format. I could watch in the privacy of my own home and apply the lessons independently.”

—Theresa C.

Course Overview

If you’re serious about improving your writing and finding the confidence to share your work, this course is for you. Here’s exactly what to expect in our four weeks together.

Week 1 – How to Write Better: Introduction to Writing Habits

In Week 1, we’ll learn about the six different types of writing, how to create your ideal writing environment, how to identify and kill your internal blocks, and how to establish a daily writing habit.

Week 2 – Jam-Session Writing: Creating Interesting Writing

In Week 2, we’ll begin to find your authentic style and voice. We’ll also figure out what you want to write about, discover the building blocks of your story, and learn how to manufacture gold, whether fiction or nonfiction.

Week 3 – Panning for Gold: Beauty, Brevity, Clarity, and Style

In Week 3, we’ll expand your vocabulary, learn how to create narrative urgency, edit your writing for style and clarity, and continue to develop your authentic voice.

Week 4 – NeoPub: The Various Ways to Make Your Writing Accessible

In Week 4, we’ll show you how to add massive value to people’s lives through your writing. You’ll learn how to build an engaged audience and discover which publishing vehicles are the best for you—from starting your own blog to writing a book.



Enrollment Closed

Sign up for the How to Write Better newsletter at to receive a notification when enrollment opens and get a copy of my free 15 Ways to Write Better ebook.