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Everything Is 100% off If You Don’t Buy It

The holiday spirit is in the air! So far this holiday (shopping) season, consumers have been pushed, shoved, punched, trampled, and even stabbed others in an effort to save money on things that will soon occupy a landfill.

And we’re barely past Black Friday. Next, Cyber Monday will assault your inbox. But I don’t have any special deals for you. No sale prices. No promo codes. No limited-time offers.

I do, however, have a suggestion: Pause. Wait before that next purchase. Avoid the mall, the online shopping carts, the sale prices.

You can’t save money by spending money.
Everything is 100% off if you don’t buy it.

Instead of consuming more,
why not create something worthwhile.

Start a blog.
Record a podcast.
Write your first book.

Wouldn’t that be more fulfilling than the dull high that vanishes after the cash register dings its quiet victory bell.