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How to Write Better, Student Testimonials

Here’s what students are saying about How to Write Better

Testimonials from Class Graduates

“I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning how to write better, Joshua Fields Millburn is that person—he’s skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you improve your writing, not just during the course, but beyond.”

—Aili Kuutan

“You will laugh, you will cry, you will eat your heart out (and tear your hair out), you will curse the world in general (and Joshua Fields Millburn in particular), you will learn what anaphora and asyndeton are. Seriously, this is the course to take if you are willing to work to improve your writing. It isn’t a piece of cake—there are lots of Brussels sprouts to get through—but if you follow Joshua’s recipe, you’ll come out with the knowledge of how to make your writing a priority rather than just saying it is (which is half the battle for me), as well as the tools to jumpstart, get through, and refine your writing process. Joshua teaches this with humor and insight, and I am grateful that the course materials remain available after the course ends. The course forced me to think about the way I’ve been writing (irregularly and sloppily) and helped me drop bad habits and start to cultivate good ones. I gained much more from the course than I anticipated—and I had high expectations—and I can hardly wait for the Stories course to begin.”

—Susan Smith

“Joshua is a great teacher…. In just four short weeks, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my writing.  This course is great for anyone.  I highly recommend it.”

—John Anderson

Textbooks can prescribe writing basics, but there’s no replacement for a teacher that can say, ‘This is what I do and it led to these results.’ Instead of constantly clicking the refresh button to track the sales of his published titles, Joshua elected to spend his Saturdays—after he does his own daily writing—teaching students how to form a daily writing habit, leading students through weekly writing exercises, reading our writing and providing individual feedback. Joshua made a new life for himself out of providing incredible value on his blog. He provided the same incredible value to me as a student of his writing class. Seize the opportunity. You won’t regret taking the class, but you might regret not making yourself a better writer when you had the chance.”

—Brandon Monk

“I’ve taken other writing classes and this one was by far the most helpful and most practical. My writing improved dramatically over the last month.”

—James Gummer

“Joshua’s class is an intense roller-coaster ride exploring the bounds of proper grammar and personal discipline. I would recommend it to anyone serious about cleaning up their act, both in writing and in thought. Joshua’s ability to produce consistently great work while meticulously crafting and leading this class is a testament to his dedication to the craft and to adding value to people’s lives. He inspired us to work hard. After four grueling and exhilarating weeks, his students are better writers and quite possibly better people.”

—Autumn Moss Penaloza

“JFM’s How to Write Better class was the turning point for my writing. His passion for the written word showed throughout the course, and each week was packed with pivotal lessons. I learned about techniques I wouldn’t’ve discovered if it weren’t for his class, and because of those techniques, my voice and writing style are refined. I thought I was a decent writer, but with Joshua’s knowledge on the subject, he showed me I can be a great one. This class added immense value to my life.”

—Robert Isaac Brown

“How to Write Better works. Four weeks, lots of hard work, and a writing habit established.  That spells success to me.  Joshua delivers the content of this course in a way that sets you up to succeed—as long as you put in the work.  He is inspiring, he knows how to teach, he knows his subject, and he cares about the success of his students.  You’ll learn grammar rules, writing styles, how to develop a writing habit, and what vehicle will best showcase your writing. I finished this class more than pleased with the results.  If you are interested in improving your writing, I think you’ll appreciate Joshua’s course.”

—Becky Drinnen

“Joshua debunked the myth of the quick fix, the secret, the shortcut that many writing courses use to tantalize. There is no quick fix, no secret, no shortcut to success. There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom from Joshua throughout the class, but what I find most valuable is the profound sense of empowerment, knowing that we have already had everything we need to succeed, and that all it takes is the willingness to work hard and take consistent daily effort. No, I don’t need to be a genius. I don’t need to know a ton of powerful people. I can start right where I am today. The story of Joshua’s journey is the recipe: it is humbling, inspiring, and empowering for all to emulate.”

—Emily Nature

“Great course. I learned a lot about the process of writing and changed my habits accordingly.”

—P.H. Broerse

“I took Joshua’s writing class because I love his writing. I love his writing because when I read his work I feel no gaps, no distance, no buffering. Just elegant and direct writing, which is always uplifting, motivating, and sometimes rattling. He makes me think and he makes me laugh. My heart is always impacted. More than that, he inspires me to write and bring to life a writing impulse I’ve been sitting on for years. So when I saw that he was teaching a writing class I jumped at the opportunity. Josh is as true a teacher as he is a writer. No surprise. He gives everything, shares the secret ingredients of his style, and puts everything into perspective. He is organized and thorough. He does not make it easy (because writing is not easy), but he makes it as simple as possible (by clarifying good writing habits). To be a good writer you have to have heart and commitment and Josh has an abundance of both. He pours this into his classes. As a result of taking his course, I grew the confidence to start my own blog, where I continue to develop my writing. I look forward to studying with him as I pursue this journey into the future.”

—Andrea Hurley

“It wasn’t until I took Joshua Fields Millburn’s ‘How to Write Better’ class that I realized how much I didn’t know. How much I’d taken for granted. How mindless I’d become. Joshua puts his whole heart and soul into teaching these classes and into helping his students write better, be better. I’m grateful. If you’re serious about writing, treat yourself to a seat in his class.”

—Maureen Harmonay

“I would like to let you know that I completed my first big writing project successfully—and handed in my MA dissertation. I used every strategy I learned in your writing course and really sat in the chair for two hours daily for the past five months. I didn’t write much in the beginning and actually hated it but building the habit really does the trick! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us in your writing classes. I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I forced myself to put it into practice.”

—Karin Raffa

“I signed up for this class based simply on Joshua’s bio. Nothing else. In just four weeks I found the authentic author inside me and fell madly, deeply in love with her.”

—Lisa Verna Hibberd

“The lessons learned in this class are applicable to writing and to life. If you are looking to improve your writing and yourself, Joshua is a great teacher to have. If you follow his lead you can do great things, but you must be willing to jump in head first and never look back. Thank you for a wonderful month of personal growth and significant development of my writing abilities.”

—Melissa Cave

“I must express the value this class brought to my life. Writing every day is difficult, but I did it, and in doing so it rewarded me with a great sense of meaning. It changed my inner world for sure. The exercising helps tremendously with creativity flow and I’ve also lost 14 lbs. You will discover his authenticity and his compassionate soul.”

—Deb Lilley Cole

“I was afraid to sign up for this class because I wasn’t sure how I would stack up against the other writers. Or, more importantly, I was afraid to see how I stacked up against my own expectations. I have a desire to write, but I hadn’t done anything about it. I didn’t feel like I had enough courage, free time, education, or capacity. Joshua did an excellent job providing information, tools, advice, and homework that helped me discover that there are no ideal conditions and what matters is that I take action to start somewhere; a valuable lesson to integrate into all aspects of my life. This class is inspirational because it is taught by someone who walks the talk. He has been in the beginning and admits that there is no end. For me, an on-line class is the perfect format. I could watch in the privacy of my own home and apply the lessons independently.”

—Theresa C.

“Your class was something I looked forward to waking up to every Saturday! I appreciate your generosity and your authenticity with your students.”

—James Wong

“How to Write Better is a wonderful writing course that has helped me immensely! Joshua is a caring and fantastic teacher. This course is well worth your time and energy.”

—Gay Barefield

“One of the most difficult thing to do in life is to start. JFM’s class pushed me from being excited about the idea of writing, to being excited about the process of writing. It gives me the tool and confidence to write better. I look forward to the difference this class will make in my life years down the road once I follow the path clearly pointed out for me.”

—Maggie Lu

“[After taking this class,] a major national newspaper accepted my new opinion piece, which will be published this Saturday!”

—Amber Davis

“I learned many things during this class and I can already see improvement in my writing. I am most grateful.”

—Jennifer Fay

“Because of your course, I am developing my writing ‘process’ and feeling at home with my particular style. I am now writing daily and am much more focused during my writing time. I’m excited to finish my first novel.”

—Libby Willson Farrelly

“Joshua’s writing class was a great way to kickstart a writing life after not penning anything creative since high school. I have gained a good sense of what good writing is and how to improve mine; what I want to write about; and what process I can use to create interesting pieces of writing that add value to peoples lives.”

—Julian Ilich

“How to Write Better exceeded my expectations. The content was fun and challenging and opened my mind to a new perspective on writing. I enjoy the practice of writing more and my habits are stronger. I have new opportunities because of the skills I gained in the class. I will continue to reference and grow from the course material in the months to come. How to Write Better is worth far more than the price tag.”

—Bryant F.

“Joshua combines his flair for writing and teaching with his professional, down-to-earth manner to inspire and motivate students. How to Write Better is an engaging and fun course. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.”

—Helen Hodgson

“I said to myself that when I had finally decided to sign up for a writing class, I would sign up for Joshua’s. And when that time came, I did. At first, I told myself that I signed up to his class because, simply put, I loved his writing. But then I reminded myself that there are plenty of people whose writing I enjoyed reading, who were also offering a writing class. Then I reasoned that I signed up to the class because Joshua is a minimalist, and that meant he would be able to teach me to simplify my writing by stripping away the excess stuff, so I could focus on what’s truly important. But again, I decided that this was not a satisfactory answer, because I didn’t need someone to teach me how to do that. Most writers are self-taught I reminded myself. However, at long last, I found my answer: Josh’s story—which I learned about through his writing—resonated with me, particularly after finding out that he did not consider himself a ‘natural writer.’ Instead, much to my surprise, he had never finished a book until the age of 21 (which so happened to be the age I started writing.) When I found this out, it was then—that very moment—that I truly knew he would be able to teach me how to write better, by teaching me how to form a daily writing habit, how to learn—and if needed knowingly break—the rules of grammar, and, most importantly, how to add value to peoples lives with my words.”

—Jordan Ayres

“How to Write Better gave me confidence as a writer. JFM is supportive and encouraging, plus he gives students many tools to interact with other writers online. I am already enrolled in his next course, How to Write Better Stories, and looking forward to it.”

—Judy Thomson

“How To Writer Better opened my eyes to see grammar, style, clarity, and vocabulary in a functional way. In each of the writing assignments, I witnessed a positive difference in my writing. This class gave me the confidence to write with purpose.”

—Michelle Carr

“Writing well had always been a mystery to me until I took Joshua’s class. He’s method makes writing well achievable. Although working out, sitting in a chair, panning for gold, and rewriting takes extreme effort—its result delivers clear, beautiful, urgent writing.”

—Bobby Graham

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