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Minimalism Film: An Exciting Update

Andrew Clifford Capener

March 1, 2015

Great news: The Minimalists, Catalyst, Asymmetrical, and SPYR Media have finished filming Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, directed by Matt D’Avella.

With several thousand hours of footage, we are carefully weaving the hours into a beautiful 80-minute narrative featuring dozens of minimalists from all walks of life: minimalist families, travelers, city dwellers, suburbanites, country folk, artists, architects, men, women, people from everywhere on the socioeconomic ladder.

Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that one of our favorite musicians, the talented Andrew Clifford Capener (pictured above), is working with Grammy-nominated producer Nate Pyfer on the film’s score.

Everything will be complete by the end of April 2015, at which time we will begin sending the documentary to film festivals. Thereafter, once we’ve weighed our distribution options, we plan on an indie-theater tour in late 2015, followed by a wide release in 2016.

We can’t wait to share this film with you. Y’all’re going to love it. Until then, you can watch the trailer and a bunch of excerpts at Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Bonus Excerpt: Leo Babauta, Husband and Father of Six, Discusses Minimalism

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