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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentary. The Minimalists have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Forbes, TIME, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, CBC, and NPR.

Podcast 095 | Relocating

In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua & Ryan talk about where they’re moving, and they answer the following questions:

  • How do you move past feelings of shame regarding past mistakes and embarrassing episodes in your life?
  • How do you ensure you’re addressing any emotional baggage attached to items as you’re getting rid of them?
  • Is there a path to purchasing a house without taking on debt?
  • Is it cheaper to sell your furniture before a move and then buy new furniture for the new place, or is it cheaper to pay to move the furniture you already own?
  • How do you decide if it’s better to stick with what you have where you currently live, or if it’s better to move to a new place and start over?
  • What should I do with all my camping gear that I feel is overwhelming me?



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Minimal Maxims

Joshua & Ryan’s pithy, shareable, less-than-140-character answers to the lightning-round questions:

  • Joshua on keeping old furniture versus buying new furniture: “Neither ‘cheap’ nor ‘expensive’ are synonyms for better.”
  • Joshua bonus maxim: “Don’t try to cram your old life into your new space.”
  • Joshua bonus maxim: “Sometimes cheap is too expensive.”
  • Ryan on keeping old furniture versus buying new furniture: “Don’t ask what the cheaper option is—ask what the opportunity cost is.”
  • Joshua on sticking around versus moving on: “It’s best to choose to graduate from a place before you’re ready to divorce it.”
  • Ryan on sticking around versus moving on: “When relocating, it’s important to know what you’re running toward—running from something can lead to the same problem, or it can lead to even bigger problems.”

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